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Lhasa Apso Breeders around the world

In alphabetical order - not in any order of preference.


Lynruce Lhasas - Kilmarnock

Mitchella Labs and Lhasas - Peterhead


The rest of the UK

Dardenelles Lhasa Apsos - Norwich, England

Foxypoms Lhasa Apsos and Pomeranians - Cheshire, England

Kenworth & Vanhuel Lhasa Apsos - Blackpool & Middlesbrough

Luekiki Lhasa Apsos - Wrexham, North Wales

Miciza Lhasa Apsos and Maltese - West Yorkshire, England


Kyechu Lhasa Apsos - Netherlands

Mi Amor Lhasa Apsos - Belguim

Padma Sambhava Lhasa Apsos - Austria

Sharam Nat Lhasa Apsos - Germany


North America

Adirondack Lhasa Apso and Havanese - NY, USA

Dimsum Lhasa Apsos - Ontario, Canada

Jaron's Lhasas ROM - Dallas, TX, USA


Australia and New Zealand

Rysup Keehonden & Lhasa Apsos - Sydney, Australia


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