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Pedigree Research

I have been bitten by the pedigree research bug!  Who could've known how addictive it was!

This began with me researching Raven's pedigree in order to find a suitable stud dog for her lines.  Within a few months I had traced Raven's pedigree back to the original imports to Britain, as well as back through the Hamilton lhasas to the imports in America, with only a handful of dogs unaccounted for.  I then began on Wicket's and discovered that his pedigree headed to continental Europe as well as the US. This was about the stage I realised that I was addicted.  I began looking at dogs in the show ring and thinking "I wonder where you come from" and so it began.  I looked at the pedigrees of dogs which have been bred to raven's half brothers and sisters and so my database has expanded and evolved.

 I now have a database of over 89,000 different lhasas.  In the grand scale of things, this is not a lot but I am always adding to it.  The database covers dogs from all over the world. I have to give great thanks to people from across the globe for help with my pedigree website.  I will not name names but suffice to say you know who you all are!  Thank you!

I'm always on the look out for more information so, if you would like to send me any lhasa apso pedigrees,  or if you are also doing pedigree research and you are looking for information, e-mail me and I will check my database to see if I can help you.

My e-mail address is [email protected]

For anyone who does pedigree research, I can recommend a few websites which are a god send:

Ozlhasa Pedigree Database

Swedish Pedigree Database (all breeds)

Finnish Pedigree Database (all breeds)